With the ongoing technological developments, banks or financial service providers have a rare chance to set themselves apart from competitors. Now’s the time to start into the future of payments!

Jakob Bouchetob

Manager, Financial Services, EY Consulting GmbH

Digitizing money and Payments. Tech enthusiast. Experienced in Central Bank Digital currencies. Solution- oriented. Passionate about travelling and diving.

Jakob is a seasoned professional, guiding banks and financial service providers through the evolving landscape of digital finance.

With a sharp focus on digital assets, digital money, and cutting-edge technologies like, Blockchain and DLT, Jakob excels in steering significant projects aimed at digital transformation. His extensive experience includes leading pivotal initiatives within the European Banking Industry.

Beyond his project leadership, Jakob is a respected voice in the financial technology sphere. He also contributes his knowledge as a lecturer, delving into subjects such as digital finance and the digitization of business processes within banks.

Jakob holds an MBM from the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg.

How Jakob is building a better working world

Jakob is at the forefront of digital financial transformation, enhancing the capabilities of the financial services sector. By integrating advanced technologies like Blockchain and digital assets, he helps ensure that EY clients not only keep pace with but lead in the digital economy. His initiatives drive greater efficiency, security, and innovation, contributing to a more inclusive and technologically empowered financial landscape.

Jakob's latest thinking

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