Where there is opportunity, there is success; where there is true leadership, there is a following; and where there is diversity and respect, there is greatness.

Joern A. Buss

EY-Parthenon Partner, Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility, Ernst & Young LLP

International experienced executive advisor. Focused on strategic growth, product technology, transformation, turnaround. Supports manufacturing and mobility companies, private equity and investors.

After earning his German dual Master’s degrees in Management and Industrial Engineering, Joern started his career in the German automotive industry as a test engineer and later as a technical marketing assistant.

After receiving an MBA from Boston University, Joern entered the world of management consulting, first in the Detroit automotive center with a global consulting firm, followed by a leadership position with a boutique automotive engineering and consulting firm with extensive international assignments in Japan, Korea, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

Before joining EY-Parthenon, Joern led the Detroit office of a consulting firm and was the chairman of another firm’s Global Automotive & Manufacturing Industry Board.

How Joern is building a better working world

“I am building a better working world through my focus on products and technology and operational excellence in the context of long-term enterprise growth. I advise my clients to reduce ‘waste’ in all aspects of business. This ranges from verifying the effective recall of products by my clients to protecting their consumers from harm; and from ESG-driven due diligence in alignment with operational excellence to encouraging companies to maximize their results with minimal impact to the environment.”

Joern's latest thinking

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