There’s no question consumers want more digital personalization. Content strategy is the engine to help deliver experiences that feel meaningful and are tailored to a range of users.

John M Motley

Associate Director, EY Design Studio, Ernst & Young LLP

Digital experience strategist. Content designer. Word guy.

John is the Associate Content Strategy Director for the EY Design Studio, Ernst & Young LLP. He works closely with clients to understand how user-centered design and content, in particular, can strengthen brands and accomplish business goals.

With a knack for distilling complexity into compelling storytelling, he helps companies refine their messaging and amplify their brand impact.


How John is building a better working world


"As a member of the EY Design Studio, I help craft digital experiences that are squarely focused on their users. Paying close attention to users gives us a roadmap to create experiences that are precisely calibrated to their needs, expectations and preferences. And content is playing an increasingly important role in delivering customized experiences to the varying needs of those users."

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