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Julian Schweizer

EY ifb EMEIA Financial Services Head of Product Development, Subledgers and Transactions

Passionate about finance transformation in banking and insurance. Head of product development. Avid scuba diver, globetrotter and bookworm. Maker of decent ramen.

Julian is a partner with more than 15 years of experience supporting banking and insurance clients in the area of finance and risk. He currently helps insurances solve challenges in the area of IFRS and multi-GAAP accounting.

He is the Head of Product Development in the EY EMEIA hub, helping create outstanding consulting products for EY client base across the globe.

As the Head of Subledgers and Transactions, he oversees and supports the acquisition, retention and development of talent, projects and clients in the area of transactional and analytical finance.

Julian initially supported financial services clients in the aftermath of the financial crisis to analyze and close books and help implement new regulation in IFRS before moving on to lead and assist finance transformation projects and co-innovations with leading software vendors in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Julian holds a Swiss federal diploma in Industrial Engineering from the University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland.


How Julian is building a better working world


“I strive to provide the best possible service to EY-ifb clients as possible, be it as a lead, subject-matter professional or senior advisory. As head of product development, I want to foster a constructive innovation space for teams and individuals to thrive in and create and implement outstanding products for EY client and consultant base across the globe. As head of subledgers and transactions, I do my part in supporting diverse, new and experienced talents on their career path, by coaching them, setting goals and helping them achieve it.”

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