Knowledge is power. But, in today’s complex tax policy landscape, communication and collaboration are arguably tied in first place too.

Maikel Evers

EY EU Tax Policy Hub Leader

Broad experience in domestic and international tax policy. Tax lawyer. Researcher and lecturer. Former OECD and government advisor.

Maikel is the EY EU Tax Policy Hub Leader. He has experience in domestic and international tax policy, cross-disciplinary tax, compliance issues, international and European taxation, and policy-making.

Maikel was previously the coordinator of the BEPS project working to set up the Inclusive Framework on BEPS at the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy Administration. He led the Multilateral Instrument project, contributed to the development of the Unified Approach (Pillar One), the treaty and EU aspects of the GloBE proposal (Pillar Two). Prior to his time at the OECD, he served as a treaty negotiator and Policy Advisor to the Ministry of the Finance of Netherlands.

Maikel is the president of the Netherlands IFA branch and a member of the IFA Permanent Scientific Committee.

Maikel has an MA in Tax Law from the University of Groningen and a Post-Masters degree in European Tax Law from Erasmus School of Law. 

How Maikel is building a better working world

Tax rules develop at a fast pace and against a backdrop of unprecedented geopolitical and economic change. Maikel has helped policymakers and businesses to navigate the rapid currents of tax policy to help shape the future of tax. By bringing and combining the latest policy insights and foresight to businesses, Maikel plays a critical role in developing sustainable tax strategies and implementation plans. As an active contributor to the international and EU tax policy debate, he also brings real-life business insights to the table to enhance the foreseeability and effectiveness of future tax laws.

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