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Michael Fiske

EY Americas Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Analyst

Automotive specialist. Vast experience in forecasting, portfolio planning and regulatory compliance. Passion for family above all.

With extensive experience as a research professional in the automotive industry, Michael has honed his skills in team development, strategy validation and product positioning enhancement. His proficiency also encompasses leading teams to generate and communicate actionable insights based on data. Michael possesses a keen interest in leveraging data and insights for a comprehensive understanding of markets, customers and strategies.

Michael has an MBA and a Juris Doctor of Law degree from Michigan State University.

How Michael is building a better working world

Michael is focused on the evolving terrain of the automotive industry. He helps clients shape a future of mobility where transportation is electric, autonomous, connected, accessible and sustainable.

Michael helps others understand the role of electric vehicles in sustainable solutions, promotes autonomous technology for safety and convenience. He also advocates for smart connectivity within vehicles and supports shared mobility for inclusive, affordable transportation. His passion lies in bridging innovation with practicality.

Michael's latest thinking

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