Paul Beswick
High-quality financial reporting increases investors’ confidence in the capital markets and increases the flow of capital between jurisdictions. The use of IFRS has helped jurisdictions become better connected globally.

Paul Beswick

EY Americas IFRS Leader

Passion is high-quality financial reporting and promoting investor confidence. Outside of work, enjoys spending time with family, watching movies and traveling.

Areas of focus Assurance

Paul has extensive experience fostering high-quality reporting in the capital markets from his various leadership roles both inside and outside of EY.  Paul can leverage his extensive experience as a standard setter and regulator to help clients and engagement teams produce high-quality financial statements for the use of investors in the capital markets.  As the EY Americas IFRS leader, Paul facilitates greater connectivity amongst clients and engagements across the Americas. Previously, Paul spent seven years at the US Securities and Exchange Commission and two years as a fellow of the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

How Paul is building a better working world

I have worked directly with standard setters and regulators to make sure the information companies are required to communicate to investors is of the highest quality and provides all the relevant data to make informed decisions.  When investors have better information, they can make more informed decisions and more efficiently allocate capital.  This contributes to the betterment of society as a whole. 

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