Philipp Schartau Philipp Schartau

Director, Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility, Ernst & Young LLP

Helps the global mobility ecosystem create scalable new business models.

EY-Parthenon Strategy lead for mobility and energy transition, helping OEMs, suppliers and retailers pivot to new portfolios and business models.

As part of the EY Global Future of Mobility team, Philipp leads the EY Tesseract program, overseeing the development, business and IP strategy and go-to-market for our blockchain-based smart mobility platform, supporting fractional vehicle ownership and mobility-as-a-service models.

Working with EY clients from the automotive, transportation, energy, government and financial services sectors, he has helped create new smart mobility services and scale them globally, including car sharing, smart parking, telematics insurance and specialist ride sharing in the UK, US, Europe and Asia, as well as setting up a government connected and autonomous vehicle accelerator in the UK.

Philipp is also responsible for helping to build EY’s ‘disruption’ capability more broadly, combining customer, technology and business model innovation methodologies.

Prior to joining EY, he worked at a boutique strategy consultancy. He earned an MSc in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford.

How Philipp is building a better working world

“By helping to create EY Tesseract, I am hoping to reinvent the way we travel. Tesseract offers fractional ownership of mobility assets and easier collaboration between the many different transport and service providers in the mobility ecosystem. Ultimately, this will lead to more accessible mobility, increased vehicle utilization and cleaner, less congested cities.”

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