My primary aim is to tackle clients’ challenges, utilizing emerging technologies combined with our deep domain knowledge, to yield transformative solutions that help deliver competitive advantage.

Prakash Hariharan

EY Global Supply Chain and Operations (SCO) Managed Services Lead; Partner, UK&I Managed Services, Ernst Young LLP

Designs advanced supply chain models. Enhances client performance and efficiency. Fosters authenticity in relationships. Competitive edge enabler.

As the EY Global SCO Managed Services Leader and Partner, UK&I Managed Services, Ernst Young LLP, Prakash assists clients in diverse industries to enhance and streamline their supply chain operations. In his UK&I role, he helps in managing a multitude of Managed Services solutions, placing significant emphasis on both government and infrastructure sectors.

With extensive experience in both consultancies and tech firms, Prakash brings in wide-ranging knowledge to guide companies in reshaping their supply chain operating models. Together with his teamhe fosters better business outcomes for his clients. Harnessing advancements in digital and data, he helps enable better end-to-end processes across the supply chain, leading to superior customer experience, enhanced reliability, cost-efficiency and operational agility.

Prakash holds an engineering degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management. He is an active participant in the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and resides in the UK.

How Prakash is building a better working world

“I am deeply committed to shaping a better working world, and my approach centers around cultivating meaningful, authentic relationships.

I endeavor to infuse every interaction with professionalism and integrity, fostering a sense of trust. This ethos is the backbone of my leadership style and influences my approach to solving complex challenges across industries.

My goal is to harness my extensive experience and passion for innovation to assist businesses in getting to better ways of working and improving their operating efficiency – a critical driving force of growth and advancement. By fostering trust and spearheading innovative solutions, I actively contribute to a more engaged, efficient, and resilient professional environment.”

Prakash's latest thinking

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