Stephan Geiger

EY Switzerland ESG Leader, Financial Services

Responsible for building the Sustainable Finance team in Switzerland. Trusted advisor in regulatory transformation and governance projects. Passionate about family, sports, mountains and the ocean.

Stephan Geiger leads ESG Financial Services in Ernst & Young AG, Switzerland and has a long track record of governance and regulatory transformation projects. At EY, he has led a broad array of regulatory transformation projects with regard to Swiss and European regulations.

He focuses on projects related to Corporate Governance, Compliance and new European Regulations in Banking and Asset Management (e.g. EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, MiFID, FIDLEG, design of compliance management systems, reorganizations, FINMA license applications, Compliance cross-border frameworks, Outsourcing, etc.)

Stephan has also led Risk & Compliance mapping projects (overall concept, risk scoping and implementation of adaption measures).

How Stephan is building a better working world

“I team up with my clients and internal colleagues to build sustainable business relationships. In my role as ESG Lead Financial Services, Ernst & Young AG, I proudly represent the EY organisation at industry bodies and lead our multi-disciplinary team that offers solutions in risk, regulatory and reporting from an advisory and assurance side. I focused my whole professional career on regulatory transformation projects and would be delighted to go on a regulatory and business change journey together with you.“

Stephan's latest thinking

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