Tom Bellis

Senior Manager, Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Experienced insurance transformation and strategy consultant. Builds long term partnerships with clients through trust and integrity.

Tom is a Senior Manager in the Insurance Business Consulting team, focusing on delivering transformational change for insurers. He is based in the UK; however, he regularly works with clients across Europe and the rest of the world.

His experience primarily relates to architecting and delivering efficient and profitable business and operating models. He also leads the Insurance Cost Transformation solution in the UK.

Tom has a BA degree in Economics and Spanish from the University of Cardiff, UK, which also involved a year’s study at a university in Valencia, Spain.

How Tom is building a better working world

“Insurance plays a unique role, protecting both individual’s lives and interests, as well as businesses and the wider economy. By supporting the insurance industry, I strive to create a fairer, more effective marketplace, where the insurance industry can provide greater protection against known and unknown perils. It’s in all our interests that the insurance sector transforms itself to fulfill its function as a creator and protector of wealth.”

Tom's latest thinking

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