In a world developing at pace where the complexity of tax operations ever increases, what does your efficient and effective tax operating model look like?

Tracey Kuuskoski

EY Asia Pacific Tax Centre, Indirect Tax Leader

Redesigning operating models, exploring the art of the possible and innovating what comes after what is next. Flexible. Family. Nomad.

Tracey leads the Indirect Tax practice group in the Asia Pacific Tax Centre and is a partner in our Tax & Finance Operate community.

She leads an Asia Pacific wide team of global operating model, tax and supply chain specialists advising on the management of tax and trade issues driving business decisions around supply chain, market entry strategy, digitalization and mergers & acquisition activity. She is also responsible for designing operating models to efficiently meet the ever-growing demands of tax and trade compliance globally and helping business grow and transform their business through co-source and outsource arrangements.

Tracey is a seasoned global tax professional having previously worked in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia before taking up her current role in Hong Kong

How Tracey is building a better working world

“I am a passionate sponsor of flexibility, agility and diversity. I’m building a better working world by creating a flexible work environment enabling all our people to balance their work and non-work commitments around a schedule that works for them as an individual, works for their family and facilitates them dedicating as much time as they want and need to do all the things that matter to them in life.”

Tracey's latest thinking

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