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How to navigate supply chain disruption with digital process mining and digital twins

Using digital process mining and digital twins can boost your supply chain resilience in a post–COVID-19 world.

By Sachin Lulla 6 Aug 2020 Digital

Can a supply chain digital twin make you twice as agile?

This emerging technology helps companies pivot faster, whether they are confronting a crisis or seizing a new opportunity.

By Sachin Lulla 1 Mar 2021 Advanced Manufacturing

How smart can a smart building be?

Digital twins can help us make smart more human.

By Selina Short 5 Mar 2020 AI

How manufacturers can optimize their processes using digital tools

Do digital twins help in optimizing processes in the manufacturing industry?

By Matthew Burton 16 Jul 2021 Alliances


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Richard Suhr

Name:Richard Suhr

Job Title:EY Global Digital Consulting Leader
Sam Johnson

Name:Sam Johnson

Job Title:EY Americas Vice Chair - Accounts
Laura McGarrity

Name:Laura McGarrity

Job Title:EY-Parthenon Principal, Digital Innovation, Ernst & Young LLP
Marie-Laure Delarue

Name:Marie-Laure Delarue

Job Title:EY Global Vice Chair — Assurance

How a digital twin can model product life cycle management complexity

By mapping and building a complete virtual model of the manufacturing process and product life cycle, an enterprise can increase creativity and innovation.

By EY Global 4 Dec 2019 Consulting

How digital twins give manufacturers a real-world advantage

These virtual replicas of a physical product, equipment, process or the supply chain help you monitor, simulate and optimize performance.

By Sven Dharmani 24 Feb 2020 Emerging technology

Are digital twins key to more personal, equitable and efficient care?

Learn how smart, analytics-driven insights can mean better outcomes for all.

By Aloha McBride 25 Feb 2022 Cloud
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