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Five lessons from EY’s gender gap journey

Research shows that it could take 217 years to achieve gender parity. Here are ways you can help close the gender gap more quickly.

By Mark Weinberger 5 Jun 2017 Workforce

How gender equality can be the answer

Gender equality is not a problem to solve. It’s the starting place for many global issues.

By EY Global 12 Mar 2020 Gender equality

How to get more women in the boardroom

Kerrie Waring, CEO of the International Corporate Governance Network, explores boardroom diversity and actions to improve gender balance.

By EY Reporting 15 Feb 2019 Assurance

Gender diversity: five perception disconnects that must be fixed

As disruption impacts all industries, gender diversity policies must be adapted. Here are five steps leaders can take.

By Randall Miller 26 Apr 2018 Workforce


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Julia Wissema-Djarova

Name:Julia Wissema-Djarova

Job Title:EY Senior Advisor for EU External Assistance Policies and Instruments
Janelle Sasaki

Name:Janelle Sasaki

Job Title:EY Global Women Athletes Business Network Leader, Women. Fast forward
Kristy Ingram

Name:Kristy Ingram

Job Title:EY Global Lead, Athlete Programs
Sandra Krusch

Name:Sandra Krusch

Job Title:EY Europe West Private Equity Leader

When will we stop seeing gender equality as the issue and make it the answer?

Leading organizations know that gender equality leads to better performance – better return on equity, profitability and better risk management.

By Julie Linn Teigland 5 Mar 2020 Diversity and inclusiveness

How a more modern approach to gender lens investing can promote equality and boost the bottom line

Gender lens investing (GLI) is an opportunity for wealth and asset management firms to promote gender equality on a global scale. Right now, its full potential is far from being realized.

By Cassie McCarthy 7 Mar 2019 Gender equality

Are we programming gender bias into our future?

Artificial intelligence could hardwire sexism into our future. Unless we stop it. International Women's day is the time to act.

By Alison Kay 27 Mar 2018 Inclusive growth

Why AI could correct the gender imbalance right up to the boardroom

When making the case for gender-balanced boards, the argument has already been won. The ‘how’ is where organizations struggle. AI could be part of the solution.

By Sharon Sutherland 8 Mar 2019 AI
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