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Sustainable Finance

Create more value by defining sustainability goals with help from the EY sustainable finance teams.


How can sustainable finance support the road to net-zero?

Sustainable finance has become an urgent priority across financial services – thanks to the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

By Brandon Sutcliffe 19 Jan 2021 Sustainable development goals

How can sustainable finance transform 2050 pledges into real-world impact?

Financial institutions (FIs) need a framework that allows them to anticipate seismic economic transformation and adapt their strategy accordingly.

By Tom Groom 28 Oct 2022 Financial Services

How far along the journey to sustainability is the banking sector

Credible, consistent data holds the key to tracking the development of sustainable finance.

By Gill Lofts 11 Dec 2020 Banking and capital markets
Gill Lofts

Name:Gill Lofts

Job Title:EY Global Financial Services Sustainable Finance Leader
Matthew Bell

Name:Matthew Bell

Job Title:EY Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader
Amy Brachio

Name:Amy Brachio

Job Title:EY Global Vice Chair - Sustainability
Brandon Sutcliffe

Name:Brandon Sutcliffe

Job Title:EY Americas Financial Services Sustainable Finance Leader

How insurance CFOs can embed ESG into finance and the wider business

Sustainable finance considerations are shifting to the forefront of the CFO agenda faster than insurance finance leaders have anticipated.

By Yolaine Kermarrec 1 Feb 2022 Insurance

How European insurers are advancing the sustainability agenda

Transparent, consistent benchmarking allows the industry to track its progress on developing sustainable finance.

By Gill Lofts 31 Mar 2021 Insurance

How the insurance sector can drive sustainable finance

Insurers’ influence as FS providers means they can arguably do more than most to integrate long-term ESG criteria into global business.

By Peter Manchester 17 Sep 2021 Sustainability in Financial Services
Press Release

European banks lead US and Asia-Pacific counterparts in overall ESG activity but need to do more on D&I agenda

London, 4 May, 2023: European banks lead globally on overall ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) efforts, according to the latest EY Sustainable Finance Index.

By John Ward 4 May 2023 Sustainability in Financial Services
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