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EY professionals adopt a consultative approach that focuses on prevention, detection and mitigation measures from business, operation and technology perspectives. The broad range of EY Loss Prevention Services comprises: profiling fraud and loss schemes; using artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics technologies for process and control evaluation; implementing workflows and escalation procedures; and developing risk monitoring control measures, loss calculations, return on investment tracking, and reporting and remediation procedures.

Ey loss prevention methodology

EY Loss Prevention Services are supported by EY Virtual Analytics Infrastructure (EY Virtual), a microservices-based AI and forensic data analytics platform that is designed to support the needs of legal and compliance teams.

EY Virtual

An AI and forensic data analytics platform available through cloud or on premises.

Ey multiple deployment options

Sector focus

EY professionals support industry sectors worldwide with a network of professionals. EY Loss Prevention Services industry teams are tailored to suit your particular needs while taking into account the main factors influencing your business.

EY Loss Prevention Services for restaurants


EY teams help franchisors and chain restaurant owners create uniform loss prevention programs across all locations to generate cost efficiency and consistent risk controls. EY services are provided on two levels: operating losses in individual restaurants and underreporting by franchisees or restaurant managers.

EY Loss Prevention Services for utilities


The consultative EY approach focuses on prevention, detection and mitigation measures from business, operations and technology perspectives. Using insights generated from risk analysis, EY teams can help you develop field inspection programs that are seamlessly integrated with existing service management systems. This allows you to work in a familiar environment without the need for extensive training.

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