EY OpsChain Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Track your carbon emissions with trusted data and strengthen your ESG performance, helping to avoid greenwashing.

For organizations struggling to measure their carbon footprint accurately, EY OpsChain ESG is the solution. Developed on public decentralized blockchain technology, it provides a single, verifiable view of CO2 emissions (CO2e).

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Tokenizes products’ emissions

Enables enhanced tracking and traceability throughout.

Standardizes data requirements

Enhances the understanding of an entire value chain’s CO2e position.

Tokenizes carbon credits

Builds trust in using voluntary carbon credits to offset emissions.

A new approach to achieving net zero

Net-zero targets are under more public scrutiny than ever before. Organizations that share quantifiable goals – especially beyond Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development (CRSD) requirements – can benefit from enhanced trust, confidence and performance. EY OpsChain ESG provides immutable reporting on organizations’ current CO2e positions, to help drive better decision-making on the ESG journey.

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Increased transparency

EY OpsChain ESG was built to InterWork Alliance (IWA) standards (in progress) for carbon emissions tokens. External key emission data verifiers help you gain a clear understanding of your organization’s CO2e position, to drive more informed decisions on how to decarbonize value chains.

Independently verifiable, immutable data

In addition to the solution’s integration with key emission data verifiers and validators, individual products are tokenized on the blockchain with their allocated carbon emissions so they can be tracked through the value chain. More trustworthy with integration of key emission data verifiers and validators.

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Authenticity of offsets

EY OpsChain ESG offers clear justification for using verifiable carbon offsets to reduce your organization’s environmental impact as it decarbonizes. With the ability to ingest and mint carbon credits, and allocate tokens to product emissions, your organization can create products with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Accurately measure and track your organization’s carbon footprint

Connect with EY OpsChain ESG professionals to explore how we can help your organization meet environmental commitments.

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