Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services

The Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services (TARAS) network of dedicated professionals works seamlessly to assist your business with all aspects of financial and sustainability reporting for tax, helping to improve overall performance.

New age of tax reporting

The tax landscape continues to change at a relentless
pace, and tax is playing a central role across the entire
business. See how the EY TARAS practice can help
you overcome challenges, gain efficiency and elevate
the value of your tax function.

What EY can do for you

TARAS professionals around the globe, supported by three Area Tax Accounting Centers, can analyze large amounts of multijurisdictional data to advise on intricate tax issues. They support businesses by preparing accounting calculations, researching technical issues, advising on complex planning and transactions, implementing and remediating processes and controls and advising on sustainability matters. TARAS professionals also provide overall tax accounting advisory services on the company's tax accounting issues, policies, processes, procedures and controls and help educate in tax accounting.

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2023 Tax Risk and Controversy Survey report

The survey finds tax governance is becoming a key litmus test as businesses anticipate tax audits to double in the next two years.


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