Digital tax

Digital is a megatrend that is a dynamic and pervasive disruptor, as well as a springboard to the future. The way the world operates will never be the same as companies transform every aspect of their business to remain viable and competitive in a digital world.

What EY can do for you

Tax has seen more change in the past 5 years than in the past 50. And there is more change on the way, propelled by:

  • New business models
  • Globalization
  • Converging industries
  • A shifting tax and policy landscape
  • A changing legislative environment
  • More digitally enabled tax administrations

This new working world offers opportunity, but it also gives rise to potential financial risk if tax and core legal issues are overlooked.

EY’s Digital tax team takes a deep dive to look at your tax function from every angle — from taxation to tax function operations.

Learn more about our integrated approach (pdf) to the taxation of the digital economy.

Digital Tax

We work in four quadrants that encompass the offerings designed to address the challenges of an increasingly digital working world:

  • Interacting with digital tax administrations and e-governments
  • Planning for tax effectiveness in a digital economy
  • Levering technology to unlock value, manage risk, improve efficiency and provide value-add insights
  • Helping clients get more out of their tax data, turning it into a valuable asset

Our latest thinking

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