Realizing the potential: Transforming tax and finance operating models

Explore insights and analysis on how transforming tax and finance functions can bring more value to the entire enterprise.

2023 EY Tax and Finance Operations survey

BEPS 2.0 readiness is top of mind for CFOs and tax leaders.

The 2023 EY Tax and Finance Operations survey reveals how new tax operating models are delivering greater value for organizations, now and into the future. Discover how tax and finance functions are transforming.

Our latest thinking

How to maximize the cloud for finance and tax transformations

Explore how businesses are co-sourcing finance and tax functions in this episode of the EY Microsoft Tech Directions podcast. Learn more.

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How private boards unlock value by elevating risk management

Private boards can unlock value by elevating risk management. Learn more.

How tech and trust transformed a tax operating model

Global pharmaceutical player Boehringer Ingelheim is reimaging its tax operating model to boost quality and efficiency. Learn more in this case study.

How life sciences businesses transform the tax and finance function

Life sciences organizations operate in a complex industry – one that looks set to become more challenging, including from a tax perspective. Learn more.

Why competitive private businesses are transforming their tax function

For private businesses transforming their tax functions at a time of global flux, co-sourcing may be a valuable part of the solution. Learn more.

How PE firms are realizing the value of tax and finance operations

Having enjoyed considerable success in recent years, private equity firms are now transforming tax and finance operations to build for the future. Read more.

Four factors driving tax transformation in banks

Across banking and capital markets, organizations are having to find ways to future-proof their tax and finance functions. Read more.

    EY Global Tax Platform

    This transformative technology platform helps bring your finance and tax vision to life to build a future-ready business. Using secure, cloud-based technology, the EY Global Tax Platform (GTP) integrates data from dashboards, reporting, and advanced analytics, offering a scalable and transformative solution for end-to-end finance and tax visibility, compliance, and value creation.

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