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EY wavespace London - Canary Wharf helps clients to think and work differently, bringing the right talent together with expert facilitation and collaborative technology to realize meaningful outcomes.

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About this location

EY wavespace London – Canary Wharf is a center of excellence for facilitated workshops that help your organization to realize meaningful outcomes – fast.

EY teams bring together the right talent and technology with a collaborative design process to help organizations think and work differently. From strategic visioning to financial planning and restructuring, EY workshops have helped clients to reimagine their futures.

In the focused physical and virtual EY workshop environments, we can help to align your people from senior management to on the ground delivery teams. We carefully design experiences that enable you to understand and explore diverse experiences and perspectives. Stimulated by the global EY network of leading thinkers, together we can define and realize your most complex opportunities. Whether you are focused on an immediate resilience response or long-term value, EY teams design interventions that help enable you to make informed decisions fast and enable your transformative program across single or sequential collaborative interventions.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped a global insurer to collaborate and explore the NextWave of Insurance, virtually. Together, we built a vision for the future, and a plan to help optimize their data and analytics capability to achieve it.

The experienced EY workshop designers and facilitators use concepts of design thinking, systems thinking, multiple intelligences and leadership presence to design for human needs. Although each workshop is human centered, they are enabled and accelerated through the use of cutting edge, people-focused technology that drives collaboration for all personalities and abilities.

The outcome focused design and facilitation process is proven to explore new opportunities, align your people, accelerate decision making and build the intent required to ignite sustainable change. We work closely with you and EY thought leaders in the lead-up to each workshop to get to the heart of your most pressing issues and exciting opportunities. Each workshop is a bespoke, designed experience which builds energy and excitement around your opportunities to change.

EY creative team can help to create an engaging brand around your workshop or change intervention which helps people to connect with your intention. In communications leading up to the workshop, the physical artefacts and information shared during the workshop, and the communications following, the team helps you to build ingenious and creative change metaphors that stick with your people.

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25 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf,

London E14 5EY

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