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First flagship hub with a strong focus on people experience, EY wavespace Milan offers collaborative work on a wide range of emerging technologies.
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Digital and disruptive technologies are rapidly transforming industries, education and the entire society by reshaping not only the way we live and interact with everything around us, but by also dramatically changing the way we work. Increasing competition and an ever-changing world have made it necessary for businesses to rethink their strategies, including how they conceive the workplace and their innovation models.

Enabling the right people in the right place is key for creating a competitive advantage and staying on top of the game. It is strongly believed that the challenge lies in understanding how to create successful people experiences that meet customers’ and employees’ expectations, and needs while co-creating value for the entire ecosystem where companies are operating.

We work hard every day to build a better working world. At EY wavespace Milan, it is firmly believed that this starts by creating extraordinary people experiences.

EY wavespace Milan responds to these challenges and is the first flagship hub with a strong focus on people experience while continuing to act as an innovation and digital center of excellence. We support you in identifying innovative approaches for your customers and own employees through specifically designed formats that take advantage of the latest technologies and human-centered methodologies.

Here are some of the formats we are currently applying:

  • Designing innovative organizations: By considering the future, EY teams help companies develop sustainable organizational models that can adapt rapidly to a changing environment.
  • Designing senseable experiences: Through neuro-scientific tools, EY teams study the behavior of users to create services that deliver meaningful and positive experiences to employees and customers.
  • Technology, education and transformation: Through training on technical skills, such as IoT, big data and AI, we help companies adequately scale operating models enabled by technology.
  • Digital company reality check: We assess state-of-art of companies in relation to their digitalization status to be able to forge an integrated and effective digital strategy.
  • Discover competencies of the future: We help you develop tailored training paths to provide employees with the necessary tools and knowledge required in the digital world.
  • Full agility transformation: We help you develop an agile mindset integrating processes and culture, resulting in “agile-by-nature” companies.

All the experiences are designed to be co-creation moments. EY teams strongly believe in the power of collaboration, which is why EY teams work hand in hand with companies to find services. People are placed at the center of the design process by engaging all stakeholders throughout the different stages to be sure EY teams are delivering recommendations that truly meet the needs of the end users.

Furthermore, EY wavespace Milan has collaborated with several universities, and public and private entities to launch different master programs on the most relevant topics of today’s digital world. The aim is to fill the skills gap by providing high-quality training that leverages our expertise and EY wavespace’s innovation environment.

We work hard every day to build a better working world. At EY wavespace Milan, it is firmly believed that this starts by creating extraordinary people experiences.

Get ready. Your EY wavespace outcome won’t disappear at the end of the day – the ripples only get bigger.

EY wavespace Milan

Via Manfredo Camperio, 3,

Milano 20123

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