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EY wavespace™ Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney, overlooking the world-famous harbor, our built-for-purpose facility provides a space to explore your growth and innovation agenda. It's not all about the space though. We offer completely virtual experiences that are as, if not more, engaging than our face-to-face sessions.

About this location

Cross collaboration is integral to the success of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. The idea of breaking down silos has been discussed by organizations and the business community for years. EY wavespace sessions break down these barriers and make innovation and creative thinking something that doesn’t just happen once a year but on a regular basis and by a variety of stakeholders.

EY wavespace is designed to generate possibilities, find answers faster and get people aligned – whether the goal is to grow, transform or disrupt.

At EY wavespace Sydney, organizations collaborate with EY’s team of professionals and interact with concepts, technology and each other. This interaction leads to meaningful outcomes.

EY wavespace Sydney gives organizations access to EY’s extensive experience in disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics process automation (RPA), blockchain, data analytics, digital, customer experience, and cybersecurity, as well as EY’s deep industry domain and regulatory experience.

EY wavespace Sydney provides industry and government organizations with the opportunity to access some of the latest technology and design thinking through real live case studies to drive innovation and growth in the Transformative Age.

Bringing experts from all relevant areas of our firm together with a dedicated team of facilitators, EY wavespace Sydney provides a unique platform for cross-sector collaboration and design thinking to solve future problems.

Some of the sessions that were held at EY wavespace Sydney in the past include:

  • A large real estate group identified new high potential opportunities within the context of the future consumer.
  • An Australian university identified what is involved in setting up an innovation and collaboration space.
  • A government organization designed an action plan and roadmap for a to-be culture blueprint.
  • A multi-national insurance company brainstormed and implemented a new approach to internal audit planning.

So, what’s your future problem that needs to be solved today to ensure your organization can successfully navigate the Transformative Age?

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EY wavespace Sydney
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