Rubens Menin

Chairman, MRV Engenharia e Participações S.A, Brazil

2018 award winner

Photo of Rubens Menin holding a trophy

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Brazil

When Rubens Menin was growing up in Brazil, he recognized that for many in his country, home ownership was an unobtainable desire. He relished a challenge and in 1979 founded his own company, MRV Engenharia, to help meet this need.

It is now Latin America’s largest residential real estate developer and Brazil’s leading low-income housing builder, enabling countless Brazilian families to take their first step on the property ladder. It employs more than 24,000 people and has built over 300,000 properties. Currently, one in every 200 Brazilians lives in a property built by MRV.

Rubens is passionate about the positive impact civil construction can have on Brazil’s economy. He explains that the construction sector represents 8% of GDP and employs the most people, but he notes that “our business is not only about economic development and income creation, but also social development: families who own their own homes have more dignity and can pursue new dreams.” 

*Information correct as of June 2018.