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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year winners

Join us in celebrating the exceptional individuals who are EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ winners from around the world.

Find out about the 2018 winners and their entrepreneurial journeys.

“When a woman takes a step forward, society as a whole advances.”

Peru | Rosario Bazán | DanPer


“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

United Kingdom | Rosemary Squire | Ambassador TheatreGroup


“Only striving for the impossible makes the impossible possible.”

Israel | Benny Landa | Landa Group


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Highlights from the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year agenda

Through highly immersive experiences, we will help you explore issues that will affect many industries. Sessions will be focused around the following themes:

Future of cities: how new collaboration will put smart technology at the heart of new urban environments and enable new services for citizens and consumers. Watch this short introduction.
Future of health: how data and algorithms are shifting power from traditional health care incumbents to consumers, payers and new entrants. Watch this short introduction.
Future consumer: how data and customer analytics are shaping how consumers will buy routine purchases and shop as an experience. Watch this short introduction.
Family business: how digital disruption, geopolitics and the desires of the next generation are shaping the future of family-owned enterprises.
Capital alternatives: how financing options — such as IPOs and private equity — and innovative value creation strategies can help companies scale quickly and sustain growth.
Women entrepreneurs: how EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ participants and EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Award-winning women can build valuable bonds, exchange ideas and discover new possibilities with their counterparts around the world.

Insights from the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year agenda

Today’s transformative age is continuously blurring the lines between sectors, while creating new and unique opportunities to step beyond traditional boundaries. Read more on how we can see the future, build the future and operate in the future.

Past winners

Read about the 17 previous EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ winners who have made a difference in our world and find out about last year’s event through the 2017 event book.