Doris Hsu

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Taiwan
Chairperson and CEO of GlobalWafers Co., Ltd.

Congratulations to EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2023 winner, Doris Hsu.

Doris Hsu is advancing critical technologies in modern society with her tailored silicon wafers.

Doris Hsu saw the potential in the upstream materials of the semiconductor industry — silicon wafers — and now provides innovative, advanced technology solutions to leading chip manufacturers to transform how people live, work and play. 

In 2011, GlobalWafers was spun off from its parent company, Sino-American Silicon Products Inc., as an independent semiconductor wafer company. Today it is Taiwan’s largest and the world’s third-largest wafer manufacturer, specializing in 3-inch to 12-inch silicon wafer manufacturing, at 17 sites across nine jurisdictions on three continents. 

GlobalWafers produces advanced semiconductors for electronics, employing leading-edge design and manufacturing by using its own electronic-grade silicon through a fully integrated manufacturing process with strict quality control. This strategy enables GlobalWafers to deliver a steady supply of exceptionally pure silicon that can be tailored to specific customer requirements. 

The wafers carry numerous technical applications that drive innovation and initiate huge revolutionary waves such as 5G and electric vehicles. GlobalWafers’ products are integral to almost all technologies in the modern society, accelerating digital transformation globally.

Doris was awarded “Excellent CEO” by Taiwan Professional Management Association in 2016. She was listed in “Women to Watch in Asian Tech” by Nikkei Asia in 2018, and in “Asia’s Power Businesswomen in 2022” and “50 Over 50 in 2023” by Forbes.

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