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How good governance can keep corporates clean from greenwashing

As ESG reporting becomes increasingly scrutinized, organizations should manage the potential perception of greenwashing. Read more.

23 May 2023 Katharina Weghmann

How EY Virtual optimizes compliance analytics for Honeywell

An entirely data-driven digital scorecard provides a consolidated, centralized view of compliance for Honeywell International. Learn more.

12 Oct 2022

Is your organization upholding its integrity standards?

Standards of integrity in emerging markets are improving, but the appetite and opportunity for wrongdoing continues. Learn more.

19 Sep 2022 Arpinder Singh

How China’s data privacy and security rules could impact your business

New regulations in China give data subjects new rights and come with stringent penalties. Learn more.

18 Jul 2022 Chi Chen + 1

How leading organizations tackle insider risk

With insider risk incidents growing 44% since 2020, businesses must actively protect themselves from the damage these risks can inflict.

14 Jul 2022 Lou Bladel

Using technology to control spending risk in a fast-moving environment

EY is helping Microsoft to modernize and reinvent its compliance risk management across its global footprint. Learn more in this case study.

29 Jun 2022 Greg Cudahy + 3

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