EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 candidates

Winners were announced at the Award Ceremony.


Resm Jewelry presents its own contemporary interpretation of ancient traditional patterns and ornaments of Azerbaijan. Not only does offer fashionable accessories, “Resm Jewelry” provides an intangible connection with culture, traditions, and, above all, with the spirit of this ancient nation. All pieces of jewelry are accompanied by a separate illustration explaining the origins of the design and its relation to traditional patterns and ornaments. According to the founder and designer Rasmina Gurbatova, 'what sets us apart is that we genuinely approach our work with all of our hearts." 

Entrepreneurship is a great thing because it allows you the freedom to create. Just imagine, you can put to practice all your ideas that you’ve got at any given time.
Rasmina Gurbatova
Founder and Designer

Environmental Impact nomination

Bioropean has been operating since 2017, having put to practice a unique business idea: recycling used frying oil. Without a degree in chemistry, the founder Emin Ilyas taught himself fundamentals through YouTube tutorials and gained practical knowledge in the laboratory. He had been carrying out tests and experiments in the lab for a year before eventually working out the optimal recycling method. Bioropean is currently the only Azerbaijani company with international and local certification in its field. Waste cooking oil is processed into industrial oil and used in industry as a lubricant, motor oil, and biofuel.

Running a business is challenging yet educating. No matter how much you learn, there’s always room for improvement. New ideas and knowledge steer you forward.
Emin İlyas
Founder and Director

Innovations nomination

Frazex has been operating since 2015 and is, in essence, a multidisciplinary organization investing in promising and scalable projects. The company prides itself in what it deems as professionalism, quality of work, a systematic approach, an extensive international partner network, as well as extensive experience in building and managing a business. According to the CEO Jamal Khasayev, the main reason for his company's success is that "it focuses on the customer satisfaction, and not on its competitors."

Set yourself big goals. Start with small steps and grow along with your business. Stay patient and hardworking. Don't save money, instead surround yourselves with people who will inspire you with new, interesting ideas or teach you something useful. Only then should you overcome the challenges on the road leading to huge success.
Jamal Khasayev
Founder and CEO

Social Impact nomination

The main mission of Landau School, founded in 2018, is to create such an academic environment that will enable students to excel to their highest levels in their chosen disciplines and areas. Landau schools also believe in providing aspiring students with the best academic resources and guidance. Teachers encourage young learners to recognize their talents, develop new skills, and continually developing their own ideas. According to the founder Emil Leznik, "his main goal was to expand the business and make twice as big, which the Landau schools achieved successfully".

When you stall or pause, you’re effectively going backward. Always strive to evolve and improve. Become a better version of yourself!
Emil Leznik

Sustainable Agriculture & Regional Development nomination

Fulfilling his life-long ambition in 2016, respected former bank executive Farid Akhundov created the local Azerbaijani wine brand Chabiant. He says his main goal is to promote Azerbaijani wines around the world. Chabiant has been consistently selling well in Russia, China, Baltic nations, Poland, and Japan. Chabiant doesn't make any beverages other than wine. Farid Akhundov believes that wine-drinking is part of Azerbaijani gastronomic traditions. "The wine we make is not merely an alcoholic beverage, because what we're trying to achieve here is to make a cultured drink that creates a more pleasant atmosphere for people.

The actions we take and decisions we make on a daily basis, our attitude towards our land and the environment, the manner in which we raise our children – all of these should bring about a more sustainable world for the future generations.
Farid Akhundov

Fast and reliable delivery of correspondence, parcels, and cargo - by rail and air - is the main business mission of Azeri Express. The company has also partnered with popular online stores to ensure that customers receive their purchases in a timely manner. The founder Anar Garibov believes that his recipe for success in business was “that the main goal in building a fledgling business is not to make money, but to create a new product or service.”

I would rather hire a person who will help me to run the company than someone who would expect me to lead.
Anar Garibov

LOGIST offers a variety of logistical solutions to meet the individual needs of its customers. The company's services help clients to strengthen their competitive advantage and their position in the market. The company says they constantly pursue high work ethics and transparency in their activities. The company guides the clients during all stages of the logistical process. According to the director, Jeyhun Mustafayev, "the main focus in building and growing a business lies with meeting the needs of customers."

Being always open to new ideas will eventually turn yourself into someone who creates innovations.
Jeyhun Mustafayev

Max Print, founded in 2005, is one of the largest printing and advertising companies in Azerbaijan. Its multi-faceted services and products include high-quality digital printing, large format printing, design and manufacture of promotional and corporate gifts, production of various types of advertising for outdoor and indoor spaces, design and creative services, retail furniture, and POS stands. Max Print prides itself on constantly innovating its printing and advertising production. The company strives to utilize the latest software and equipment to ensure the top quality of its products and services.

Time is of the essence. We therefore always strive to be prompt and serve clients on time.
Amis Huseynzada

With the idea to fill the gap in the local market and meet the needs for verification and calibration of measuring devices Mahmud Gubatov founded Optimum Metrology Services in 2017. Now it is the only company in Azerbaijan accredited as a testing and calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025-2017. Accreditation includes verification and calibration of mass, pressure, temperature, electrical, mechanical and geometric, physicochemical, biomedical, and other devices. The laboratory is equipped with the latest testing equipment and applies the highest work standards. “Our biggest competitive advantage is that, unlike others, we have the latest accreditation,” says the founder Mahmud Gubatov.

Progress. Growth. Precision.
Mahmud Gubatov

Sheh has been working with large and established Azerbaijani companies for 7 years and consequently built considerable customer trust. Starting its activities in Turkey, the company gained extensive experience in the particular niche of day-to-day maintenance operation, namely comprehensive cleaning of buildings of any size. The company built experience and a solid understanding of this type of service. Director Eyvaz Aliyev became the driving force behind the company's success. He reckons that the best way forward is "always putting yourself in the customer's shoes, as this leads to building customer trust and eventually a successful business.”

Quality cannot be achieved by chance. One has to think a lot and work hard. Quality does not appear randomly.
Eyvaz Aliyev

Shimal Service supplies their wholesale and corporate customers with a wide range of products, such as hand tools for construction and repair, power tools for construction and repair, consumables for tools and equipment, equipment and machines, construction equipment, garden tools and equipment for a personal plot, household and professional sewing machines, electrodes, tools used in the automobile industry, and various other types of power tools. Fuad strives to please all the categories of the customers and buys the products of the various price segments, to expand his market share. One of the long-term projects Fuad has for Shimal Service is starting manufacturing process in Azerbaijan, because eventually it will significantly reduce the transportation costs.

Strong and competitive economy stems from thriving small and medium-sized enterprises. The development of SMEs reflects not just the efforts of individual entrepreneurs, but also the support they get from the state.
Fuad Zulfugarov

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ recognizes unstoppable entrepreneurial achievements among individuals and companies that demonstrate vision, leadership and success.

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