Creating a sustainable future for the automotive sector

How can automotive companies accelerate progress against a growing range of environmental, social and governance concerns?

Decarbonization is just part of the transformation needed to make the automotive industry sustainable.

Companies that hope to thrive in the years ahead must engage with a much wider Environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda now. This includes a growing range of planetary and social concerns such as deforestation, waste and loss of biodiversity, human rights in the value chain, equality and diversity.

EY teams can help you become more sustainable without sacrificing profitability, to take control of your future and to transform faster by making complex sustainability challenges simpler.

We bring the strategic insight needed to stay ahead of a growing ESG agenda and the broad skills and experience needed to drive action that makes a positive impact now.

Electrification is a critical step for automotive industries, but to achieve a truly more sustainable future, they must go beyond it. What should be on the broader agenda to achieve environmental, social and governance goals? Listen to the  podcast with Andrea Weinberger, Partner, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

Podcast: ESG beyond electrification

Andrea Weinberger explains why automotive companies need a broader ESG agenda to achieve a more sustainable future.

Aerial following car top-down view this grey colored station wagon is driving over two way street corner green trees on both sides of street; Shutterstock ID 655475707; charge: 67387960; job: A6169 - AM&M Business Minute podcast EP27; name: Charles Brewer; email:

Why partnerships can drive a sustainable future

Read our guide for automotive companies on how to achieve ESG goals and drive the rapid transformation needed.

Smiling business persons shaking hands

How sustainability and profitability can go together

Our panelists discuss how Automotive companies can become sustainable while creating long-term value for all their stakeholders.

How can you accelerate your green value creation?

Automotive companies need to integrate ESG into their business models. Five steps will help get them there faster.

Two African engineers controlling the robotic welding arm in the factory production line using vr glasses.

The Business of Mobility

An EY sustainability leader on how Europe’s automotive industry can make a virtue of the necessity of sustainability.

Sustainable automotive retail report

The survey of 23 automotive retailers in the passenger car segment and control group of 7 original equipment manufacturers.

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20 Oct 2023

Shift your mindset and accelerate your decarbonization pathway

Accelerate your journey to decarbonization: five answers to make change possible. Learn more.

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Five ways to make sustainability more simple in your organization

Five principles will help leaders cut through the complexity around sustainability and focus on actions that can make a real, lasting difference. Learn more.

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The Board Imperative: Partner with CSOs to drive value-led sustainability

Find out how boards can collaborate with Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) to help organizations realize the benefits of ESG and mitigate the risks.

09 Aug 2022 Sharon Sutherland

Five priorities to build trust in ESG

ESG investing is at a critical moment. As historical levels of capital are fed into ESG funds, questions emerge on how useful ESG data is. Find out more.

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