Outcomes from COP28 will reverberate across business, government and wider society, driven by discussions on the agenda and on the sidelines.

Amy’s reflections from COP28

EY Global Vice Chair – Sustainability, Amy Brachio, had a mix of hope, pride and concern coming out of the summit. Read her LinkedIn post and engage in the conversation.


Discover what COP28 means for financial services

COP28 closed with a landmark agreement — reducing fossil fuels and scaling up renewable energy sources. Explore the implications for the financial services sector, which will play a crucial role in delivering the finance required for the transition.

COP28 came at a critical time for business action on sustainability.

The Paris Agreement targets halving emissions worldwide by 2030. With just over six years to go, COP28’s gathering of government, policymakers, NGOs, citizens and businesses was pivotal to understanding the progress and plans to meet the goal. Collective efforts and immediate action across public and private sectors were discussed and explored.

We believe sustainability is everybody’s business. A team of EY experienced professionals from around the world provided insights at COP28, to help accelerate this shift by supporting organizations in planning, integrating and making tangible progress in their sustainability commitments.

Through our insights, work, and collaborations, we can support governments and businesses to meet their responsibilities and build their capacity to drive change at scale. This is how we help build a better working world.

Our latest thinking

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How bold action can accelerate the world’s multiple energy transitions

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How to build cooperative approaches to meet global climate goals

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How will understanding climate risk move you from ambition to action?

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How to accelerate transition finance for net zero

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20 Nov 2023 Gill Lofts

    How EY created a lasting experience at COP28

    EY teams discussed the actions needed to drive change at scale, ensuring lasting economic, societal and environmental impact for everyone.

    The outcomes of COP28

    Featuring insights from EY leaders, learn more about the new deals, such as the first direct call out of fossil fuels. 

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