How the stories of innovative minds and indomitable spirits inspire us

In this episode of the Better Innovation episode, host Jeff Saviano joins author Rich Cohen to explore the power of resilience.

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To kick off 2024, we bring you a special Better Innovation episode featuring renowned author Rich Cohen. Join Jeff Saviano as he sits down with the acclaimed American non-fiction writer, whose works have been New York Times Best Sellers and amongst the Best American Essays.

In this episode, Jeff and Rich explore the influences on Rich’s captivating narratives and the timeless innovation lessons embedded in his works, which include The Fish that Ate the Whale, The Adventures of Herbie Cohen: World's Greatest Negotiator, and When the Game was War

This conversation will give you a glimpse into Rich’s creative mind and explore the power of resilience, cleverness, and the indomitable spirit of interesting people who have outsmarted their opponents. And, as a bonus . . . Jeff (a tennis fanatic) indulges in a discussion about Rich’s experience working with Maria Sharapova, delving into her remarkable ascent in the tennis ranks against all odds.

Key takeaways:

  • Scarcity can be a driving force for innovation, turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Altering the perception and accessibility of a product can revolutionize an industry.
  • A corporation ages like a person, in the evolution of its culture, risk-taking, and innovation over time.
  • The gamification of life and business can foster an innovative mindset that allows for creative breakthroughs.

Humor can be a valuable asset in navigating life's challenges.

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Season 7, Episode 3


1h 46m 48s