How AI is influencing design thinking and product innovation

In this episode of the Better Innovation podcast, host Jeff Saviano joins Sam Yen to explore the role of GenAI in driving innovation.

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How is artificial intelligence (AI) reshaping the principles of design thinking and product innovation? In this Better Innovation episode, host Jeff Saviano sits down with Sam Yen, Chief Innovation Officer for Commercial Banking at JP Morgan Chase & Co. for a thought provoking conversation on the transformative potential of generative AI (Gen AI).

From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0, their discussion traverses the evolution of AI, the intersections of AI and design thinking, the relationship between humans and technology, and more. Plus, they discuss the critical question: Is GenAI a passing trend, or are we at a pivotal moment in time?

Whether you're a seasoned designer, tech enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the evolving landscape of AI, this episode offers a glimpse into the transformative potential that lies ahead.

Key takeaways:

  • Innovation involves a combination of creativity and execution, and both elements are crucial for success.
  • Empathy is a critical component in the design thinking process, helping innovators understand users' pain points, behaviors, and needs. The human perspective is essential for creating meaningful and successful products and services.
  • Progress in technology is inevitable, but individuals and society have a responsibility to weigh both the benefits and drawbacks.
  • The democratization of AI tools marks a significant leap forward by expanding accessibility to a wider audience. This includes providing user-friendly interfaces, no-code/low-code environments, and a low entry barrier.
  • AI should be viewed as “intelligence augmentation” rather than “artificial intelligence.” The collaboration between human expertise and AI capabilities is crucial for leveraging the strengths of both and driving innovation.

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Season 7, Episode 4


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