The transformative power of cloud to improve government

In the fifth episode of Leading into Tomorrow, two EY leaders discuss the opportunities and challenges cloud technologies present for governments.

Cloud technologies enable governments to digitally transform at speed and scale. In this episode, our host, presenter and reporter Kait Borsay discusses their game-changing power with Andrea Tonci, EY Europe West Digital & Emerging Technologies Leader, and Arnauld Bertrand, EY Global & Public Sector Consulting Leader.

During the conversation, Andrea and Arnauld discuss some of the better-known benefits of cloud for governments, such as cost savings, and Andrea shares what he believes to be the biggest benefit of all: the ability to streamline processes for businesses and citizens.

They also describe some of the different cloud strategies they have encountered, and how governments are building both consistency and resilience into those strategies. Part of that discussion is the perennial issue of data privacy and security, along with the role of legislation and keeping citizens’ needs at the center of transformation.

Finally, Arnauld describes the challenges facing governments that want to reap the full rewards of cloud, which includes upskilling civil servants.

Key takeaways:

  • To deliver for citizens quickly, it’s best to focus on the end user and restrict data collection to fit their needs.
  • Improving the citizen experience will involve two dimensions: horizontal, for breaking down silos, and vertical, for delivering more and more digital services.
  • Governments should take care not to leave anyone behind when deploying cloud technologies. 

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Episode 05


17m 15s