How 5G drives the future of connectivity

In this episode, our speakers discuss connectivity and how it’s been a lifeline for how we live, work, play, eat and shop during the pandemic and for what lies ahead.

The power and promise of 5G are the forces driving our connected lives, and the future of connectivity is more than bright. 5G enables many industries to make this connectivity possible. We discuss the advantages of combining 5G with other technologies and what operators need to consider when embarking on 5G upgrades.

We also dive into how 5G affects sustainability, the need for deeper cybersecurity, and what the future holds for new technology innovations.

Hear insights from:

  • Tom Loozen, EY Global Telecommunications and EMEIA Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications (TMT) Leader
  • Anastasia Ribbing Kristoffers, EY Sweden TMT Business Development Director 
  • Peik Schulman, Former Senior Manager, Global Business Development, 5G and IoT, Ernst & Young Oy

Key takeaways: 

  • 5G generates many new applications and updates, and when combined with other types of technology, the benefits and opportunities around the globe are endless. Currently, Southeast Asia is in the lead as it pushes forward in new ways to use 5G to upgrade various technologies.
  • 5G has also been used as a force for good, with a focus on sustainability, enabling energy efficiency, remote working, agriculture innovations and more. This sustainability has also helped open new business opportunities dedicated to enhancing the environment and significantly improving our future.

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available.


Episode 1


34m 7s