How COVID-19 impacts the customer experience

In this episode, our speakers discuss the impact of the pandemic on customer experiences and how it’s altered our interactions with service providers, retailers, each other and everyone in between.

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The past two years have transformed nearly every aspect of our world and how we access connectivity, and content has been crucial. Customers’ relationships with their internet service providers have been supercharged as dramatic shifts caused internet service to become essential for working, educating and playing at home.

The EY Decoding the digital home consumer survey has helped us uncover some of these changing household attitudes, and our speakers draw on some findings of this research. Discover the remarkable digital and customer-centric transformations that have taken place with: 

  • Ioannis Melas, EY UK&I Customer & Growth Solutions Leader for the Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications (TMT) sector
  •  Pippa Dussuyer, Consulting Partner, TMT, Ernst & Young Global Limited

Key takeaways: 

  • Survey results reveal that there is now an increased appetite for spending on TMT services, with a higher proportion of people now willing to spend more to assure good connectivity vs. before the pandemic. With more demand and willingness to spend, this moment in time represents a great growth opportunity for TMT providers.
  • B2B providers must adopt both a mindset and business model shift, embracing remote connections with clients and elevating a focus on marketing. TMT providers are moving toward consumption-based models, and those who offered the strongest survey data are those with the best methods of getting insight into customers. They must adapt to the radically changing new normal and truly understand their organization through the eyes of customers. A view of their end-to-end customer experience and an agile approach to business are a must moving forward.

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Episode 2


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