Are you ready for the next generation of the gaming industry?

In this episode, we discuss how gaming organizations are preparing themselves for an asset-driven metaverse and how a digital economy will drive collaboration and create unique customer experiences.

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Join us as we talk about how to improve the customer experience within the gaming industry at the center of the metaverse. We discuss how gaming organizations are preparing themselves for an asset-driven metaverse, including the challenges and potential regulatory concerns.

We’ll also hear how gaming businesses can operate, be profitable and collaborate with each other in the same space and same digital economy.

For gaming organizations to collaborate, assets must be exchanged. A digital economy is vital to the next generation of the gaming industry and to create unique customer experiences.

Hear insights from:

  • Adrian Ang, Senior Director, Strategy at EY-Parthenon

  • Scott Porter, EY Americas Media & Entertainment Consulting Services Leader

  • Matthew Reynolds, Research Manager at Oxford Economics and an expert in IT and analytics

  • Molly Tucker McCue, East Region Audit Leader and Global Client Service Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Along with our EY Tech Connect moderators:

  • Adrian Baschnonga, EY Global TMT Lead Analyst

  • Christina Winquist, EY Global TMT Go-to-Market Strategy Leader

Ernst & Young LLP recently surveyed a group of executives from leading gaming companies to gain their insights about the impact of and outlook for the metaverse. Explore the results: What’s possible for the gaming industry in the next dimension? (via US)

Key takeaways: 

  • Gaming organizations must prepare themselves for an asset-driven metaverse, with challenges and regulatory concerns. 

  • Not all gaming businesses believe they could be profitable in the metaverse. The first step is understanding how to operate and be profitable in it, along with building a vibrant customer base and a more satisfying customer experience. 

  • The evolving intersection of gaming and Web 3.0 gives us blockchain-based games, allowing creators and players to own and monetize – a unique position in this industry.

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Episode 7


19m 32s