Giro d'Italia 2023

How the hero cyclists battled it out at Giro d’Italia

In this DoubleShift webcast, we reflect on the aftermath of the Giro d’Italia and cover the highlights of the 3,400-km race from Abruzzen to Rome.

EY teams are working with a consortium of world tour, professional cycling teams, to transform the commercial model of the sport with digital, data and technology.

In this first episode of the fourth DoubleShift season, we discuss the Giro heroes and how several factors — from COVID-19 to the weather — impacted their journey this year.

In addition, DoubleShift talks about:

  • Business and sports leading up to the UCI Cycling World Championships
  • Relevant and inspirational stories, talents, and perspectives on topics such as:
    • Sustainability
    • Innovation
    • Leadership
    • Teaming


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