To fulfill the potential of Artificial Intelligence for making a better working world, ethics and the human dimension must be top of mind at all times.

Ansgar Koene

EY Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader

Helping organizations navigate ethical and regulatory implications of Artificial Intelligence. Building bridges between industry, government, civil-society and academia. Baking enthusiast.

Ansgar Koene engages with policy developments around the governance and regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He works with policymakers, regulators, industry leaders and other stakeholders to support the trustworthy use of AI for the benefit of people, society and organizations.

Prior to joining EY, Ansgar worked as a multi-disciplinary research scientist with peer-reviewed academic publications on topics ranging from governance of digital technologies, data-privacy, ethics, technology standards, bio-inspired robotics, computational neuroscience to experimental human behaviour studies.

Ansgar holds an MS from Delft University of Technology and a PhD from Utrecht University.

In addition to his role at EY teams, Ansgar is a part-time Senior Research Fellow (Associate Professor) at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute of the University of Nottingham, a trustee for the 5Rights Foundation, a London-based charity for the rights of young people online and an AI and data ethics advisor to the Cameroon based NGO AfroLeadership.

How Ansgar is building a better working world

Ansgar has spent his career bridging between disciplines and connecting stakeholder across sectoral and cultural boundaries to create greater understanding and cooperation. At EY teams he works to provide the policy makers, business leaders and citizens are equipped with the tools and knowledge to use AI in a responsible and trustworthy manner.

Ansgar’s latest thinking

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