Without a doubt, companies with a robust cyber strategy aren’t only protecting their business. They’re building stakeholder trust and confidence at the very same time.

Brian Masch

EY Canada Cybersecurity Leader, Energy

Risk assessor. Threat detector. On the front line of cybersecurity in Canada and beyond.

Brian leads the EY Canada Cybersecurity team in Western Canada, working with companies in all industries to protect their business from the ground up.

Driven by the belief that the cyber risks we face tomorrow won’t look anything like the ones we face today, Brian is committed to helping clients understand what’s coming, and plan ahead, for greater resilience. He has more than 20 years’ experience across the cybersecurity spectrum, helping detect, plan for and respond to cyber threats.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science Education from the University of Alabama, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Kennesaw State University.

How Brian is building a better working world

“Cyber attacks are a matter of when, not if. That means knowing your vulnerabilities and planning accordingly.

I’m passionate about helping businesses take a proactive approach to cybersecurity, from strategy to execution. It means businesses can work better, and I’m happy to be a part of that process.”

Brian's latest thinking

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