Enabling collaboration between the public and private healthcare sectors through digital transformation has the potential to accelerate high quality and affordable care for every citizen.

Florian Benthin

EY-Parthenon Digital Health Leader for EU Institutions

Transformation leader and strategy consultant. Advises on the strategic use of digital technology to enable healthcare transformation.

Florian is a Partner in the EY Parthenon Healthcare Strategy and Transactions practice. He has broad experience in consulting and digital transformation for healthcare providers, public health clients as well as in the MedTech sector.

With more than 20 years of experience in management consulting, people and project management, he works with clients to drive their digital transformation initiatives, create innovation strategies, optimize processes and execute complex projects from strategy to execution. Florian studied Business Informatics and joined EY Parthenon in 2021.

How Florian is building a better working world

“Digitalization represents an opportunity to improve the global health economy. While previously there was a trade-off between reducing cost and improving the quality of medical care, this conflict of goals can now be successfully resolved through digital innovations. I am committed to building a better working world by implementing digital solutions that enable high-quality, affordable care for everyone.”

Florian's latest thinking

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