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Jenny Moede

Managing Director, Business Consulting, Innovation and Experience Design, Ernst & Young LLP

Design advocate. Lifelong communications professional. Premier league fanatic. Artist and art afficionado. Proud parent of three amazing adults.

Jenny leads EY’s Design Studio in Portland, Oregon. She joined the firm via acquisition in 2018, having led Citizen, an independent design and technology firm, as CEO for three years.

Her career blends strategic communications, business consultancy, design thinking, applied innovation and user research.

She is an armchair behavioral economist, focusing on the predictably irrational behaviors of people who use digital products.

How Jenny is building a better working world

"Throughout my career, I’ve focused on helping companies better engage with the people and groups who matter to them, whether that’s through communication, business and design strategy, or digital experiences. I am inspired by behavioral economic principles, which highlight the predictably irrational human behaviors that can guide exceptional user experience design."

Jenny’s latest thinking

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