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How EY-Parthenon can help

We bring experience, scale and results to each of our clients, which allows us to help them design and deliver transformative strategies that build sustainable value. By combining the aspirational with the operational, the creative with the practical — we can help clients reinvent the now, reshape the next and reimagine beyond.

Corporate and growth strategy

We advise clients on developing corporate growth strategies by providing in-depth market, competitor and customer insights. We then help them implement their strategic plans by leveraging financial and operational perspectives from across their organization.

Transaction strategy

We help clients realize their full potential through fast-tracked, better-informed decisions across the whole deal life cycle. We guide clients from M&A or divestment strategy, through planning, diligence, and integration or separation phases of transactions to build long-term value.

Turnaround strategy

When your business needs results fast: we lead, collaborate and deliver. Whether a business is in crisis, restructuring or simply facing a financial or operational challenge, we work with stakeholders to rapidly create, preserve and recover value.

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