Matthew Scullion

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2022, United Kingdom
Matthew Scullion, CEO of Matillion

Matthew Scullion takes Matillion to unicorn status with his mission to unlock data’s value.

With a clear vision to make data more useful, Matthew Scullion founded Matillion, one of the most valuable software companies in Europe. He understood that for big data to be useful, it must be processed efficiently. So, in 2011 he quit his six-figure job and wrote a business plan on his kitchen table. 

Matillion’s innovative platform enables companies to extract, transform and load data in one simple move, using a “low-code/no-code” approach. Customers don’t have to rely on an engineer to refine data from its raw state into a useful, analytics-ready state. By simplifying this process, more people can participate in making data useful, and in turn be more productive.  

Today, Matillion has a team of over 500 employees and hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 8000 customers. It has achieved unicorn status and is the fastest-growing software company in Europe. Matthew hopes that Matillion proves to the next generation of British technology companies that moving to Silicon Valley isn’t necessary to create a world-class software business. 

Matthew also believes in giving back. The company supports charities in Africa, the UK and the US, and is involved in Girls Who Code and Black Tech Fest. “We want to build a company based on values, with a strong, healthy and safe culture. Where Matillioners can do their best work, celebrate and actively hunt out diversity, and together make a bigger dent in the universe than we could on our own.” 

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