Juan Camilo Hernández Londoño

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Colombia
Founding President of C.I. Hermeco S.A.-Offcorss

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Juan Camilo Hernández Londoño is pairing fashion with sustainability for children globally.

Juan Camilo Hernández Londoño has overcome barriers to transform the children’s fashion industry in Colombia and around the world. As Founding President of C.I. Hermeco S.A.-Offcorss, his commitment to sustainable development and the wellbeing of families has made the children’s clothing company a pillar in the industry and a source of pride for the country. 

Offcorss is known for its innovative focus on fashion and commitment to quality, keeping it at the forefront of color and style trends. Juan Camilo’s success comes from his vision and ability to think big and adapt the company’s clothing to different markets. He has elevated Offcorss, which has a presence in 22 countries, to international recognition and prestige, proving that borders are no limit for talent and creativity.   

Throughout his career, Juan Camilo has faced countless challenges in Colombia. While socio-economic and political realities have been difficult, his strong sense of belonging and love for his country have motivated him. With a firm belief that his company can be a positive agent of change in society, Juan Camilo has driven a business strategy based on sustainable practices and the empowerment of local communities. Offcorss demonstrates how a Colombian company can succeed in a global market through passion and determination while contributing to the wellbeing of the country and its inhabitants. 

Be persistent, as the path toward entrepreneurial success is full of obstacles and challenges. Maintain that motivation and determination to overcome them.