Branko Babić

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Serbia

Founder and CEO of PhiAcademy

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Branko Babić is approaching permanent makeup from every angle.

Branko Babić has perfect eyebrows in his sights. He is the Founder and CEO of PhiAcademy, the largest beauty academy in the world with a community of more than 150,000. As the only company that encompasses all segments of the permanent-makeup process, PhiAcademy focuses on permanent-makeup treatments; online education and training courses; and the manufacturing, sales and worldwide distribution of the required pigments and tools.  

Branko was the first to introduce the “golden ratio” divider for eyebrow design, digital calculation of eyebrow symmetry using the PhiApp and pigments free from heavy metals. The company is also known for its CraftMaster online educational platform and Hexaplan, a six-step progress plan to help beauticians achieve international success in the global beauty industry.  

Established under the name Microblading in 2014, it became PhiAcademy in 2017. With headquarters in Serbia and manufacturing facilities in Germany and Austria, it was ranked among the four fastest-growing foreign companies in Austria. In 2021, Great Place to Work recognized PhiAcademy as one of Austria’s top 10 employers. 

All company business segments are digitally oriented, from online shopping, learning and distribution to appointments. In 2022, PhiAcademy had more than 55,000 students around the world, whereas the second-largest beauty academy had about 500.

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