Juraj Fehervari

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Slovak Republic

CEO of Be Lenka

Share the joy of Juraj Fehervari’s winning moment at Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Slovak Republic.

Juraj Fehervari is finding success naturally with his barefoot footwear.

Juraj Fehervari founded Be Lenka in 2017 with an ambitious dream: “changing the footwear habits of people around the world and bringing parents closer to their little ones.” He fulfilled his vision by developing, manufacturing and selling barefoot footwear and ergonomic baby carriers that help people reconnect to their natural instincts. 

After his third year leading the company, Juraj propelled Be Lenka to global expansion. In 2022, Be Lenka shipped more than 220,000 products to more than 70 countries, acquiring more than 350,000 customers. Today, Juraj’s enthusiasm is shared by more than 80 team members. 

Be Lenka is a place where people make conscious decisions, and quality and ethical sourcing take precedence over quantity. Juraj considers high-quality manufacturing a vital aspect of sustainability. Be Lenka products are made from premium materials, including compostable leather and vegan and recycled materials. The company also uses the most modern technologies for production, emphasizing research and development, to produce barefoot shoes to the most precise measurements.

Juraj’s next goal is to make compostable barefoot shoes that can grow intro trees when buried in soil. Be Lenka will continue its footwear tradition and expand its portfolio with sustainable fashion, delivering innovative creations with a love for nature and humanity.

I believe that our story inspires many entrepreneurs and proves that truly nothing is impossible and that it is possible to conduct fair business worldwide.