Sachin Dev Duggal

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, United Kingdom
Founder and Chief Wizard of

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Sachin Dev Duggal is making software development accessible to all.

Sachin Dev Duggal started his career at the age of 14 building PCs, and by 17, he had created one of the world’s first automatic currency arbitrage trading systems for Deutsche Bank. He launched his next venture, cloud computing company Nivio, when he was 21 and still attending Imperial College. 

After exiting Nivio when it was worth US$100m, Sachin turned his attention toward building a photo-sharing app called Shoto. However, he struggled to find front-end developers who fit his needs. Sachin wondered: If it was so hard for him to find reliable assistance, how could people without an engineering background begin to build an app? With that realization, he founded to make building software “as easy as ordering pizza.” 

Established in 2016, continues to lead the industry with its AI-powered composable software platform that allows anyone with an idea to build a web or mobile app faster and more affordably. The company’s platform breaks down software features into reusable building blocks, and Natasha, the world’s first AI product manager, guides users through’s patented software assembly line, from prototyping and development to testing and delivery. grew 100% in 2023, and it has raised over US$450m in funding since 2018 to help every business and entrepreneur become digitally powered and software-first. 

Success takes consistency, dedication, vulnerability and patience. You need to focus on long-term gain, not short-term pain.