The EY Vantage Program

Connecting the future leaders of a better working world

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The EY Vantage Program: Connecting the future leaders of a better working world

The EY Vantage Program connects future EY leaders with market leaders of tomorrow to accelerate inclusive growth and create jobs. Over the course of six weeks, our top-performing managers and senior managers work alongside select high-impact entrepreneurs to address their businesses’ biggest obstacles to growth, at no fee. Entrepreneurs gain insightful, actionable advice to drive their companies forward and increase their value as engines of quality job creation and sustained economic growth in their communities. In turn, Vantage Advisors gain an once-in-a-lifetime leadership development opportunity – a chance to stretch their skills, to broaden their mindset by exposure to a different environment, and to be the forerunner of enduring relationships between EY and the best high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide.

Breaking down barriers to business growth through collaboration

The EY Vantage Program works with Endeavor Global and EY’s Accelerating Entrepreneurs program to select the most promising entrepreneurs who could benefit from our help. Those obstacles range from improving financial management and operational efficiency, to formulating a new growth strategy, to understanding the cross-border tax implications of expanding into new markets.

Through the EY Vantage Program we’re tackling specific barriers to business growth by developing and implementing effective and market appropriate solutions. Our commitment to entrepreneurs - in both emerging and developed economies around the world - helps drive growth and empower innovation. Put simply, it ensures that we’re working with more of tomorrow’s global leaders, today.

Since the Program launched in 2005, EY Vantage Advisors have supported over 300 entrepreneurs in more than 30 countries across the globe.

Measuring success

The EY Vantage Program is focused on measuring the outcomes of Vantage Advisor placements. We can show that in the first two years after engaging with Endeavor entrepreneurs, these businesses have experienced an average annual growth rate of almost 70%.

“Words cannot explain the knowledge we gained! The impact is instant and major at the same time. It will help in the maturity of the company by having solid clear financial, budgeting and reporting systems, which leads to better strategic decisions driven by numbers.”

Firas Al Otaibi, Co-Founder and CEO, Think Arabia

“I just want to say thank you. This was a great opportunity for us. It was an outstanding project due to the outstanding skills and quality of the EY Vantage Advisor. This is a program that I will highly recommend as it is a great opportunity for any small business.”

Allan Seidman, COO, Kubo Financiero