Photographic portrait of Peter Witte
Private equity is in one of the most exciting times in its history – firms are rethinking everything from the way they source and manage deals, to what it means to create long-term sustainable value.

Pete Witte

EY Global Private Equity Lead Analyst

Helping clients and stakeholders understand the trajectory and impact of vital trends. Developing thought leadership and insightful content. Aspiring platform tennis pro.

As the Global Private Equity Lead Analyst for EY Knowledge, Pete leads the organization’s research efforts in the private equity (PE) sector. He manages a team of industry analysts across the globe who produce insights designed to inform EY clients and PE industry stakeholders across a range of topics including fundraising, sourcing, structuring, acquisitions, value creation, exit readiness and emerging markets.

An imaginative and data-driven thought leader, Pete helps shape the conversation in PE by surfacing thought-provoking insights before they become mainstream. With more than 20 years of experience working in alternative investments, Pete frequently shares his deep knowledge of PE trends, drivers and his perspective on the industry outlook as it continues to grow and evolve.

Pete holds a BS in Business and a BA in Philosophy from Miami University and is a CFA Charterholder.

How Pete is building a better working world

“Where capital is raised and how companies are funded is more dynamic than ever. Private equity is everywhere you look, but many people don’t see its true impact. I help them both see and understand how the world’s capital markets are fueling growth and driving innovation everywhere they look.”

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