E-commerce has become an essential business discipline, and it’s not just retailers who stand to gain from its innovations.

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Innovate in a recession to emerge stronger 

A recession is coming, and consumer and retail companies that can take it as an opportunity to innovate are likely to emerge stronger. Learn how.

07 Dec 2022 Jim Doucette + 1

Future Consumer Index: Five consumer types you need to understand

The 11th wave of the global study explores the emerging priorities that will shape future consumption patterns. Learn more.

09 Nov 2022 Kristina Rogers

Prioritize commerce transformation to drive long-term gains

Increasing customer and market demands require a thoughtful e-commerce approach. Prioritizing stand-alone commerce transformation can empower retailers. Learn more.

09 Nov 2022 Warren Tomlin + 2

Realizing Carrier Residential’s e-commerce ambitions

Learn how the EY teams and Shopify helped an e-commerce business redesign their distribution model.

07 Nov 2022 Warren Tomlin + 2

How meeting customers in the metaverse can unlock lasting value

The metaverse is rewriting the rules of digital commerce. Brands must adapt their strategies to engage and thrive in this new landscape. Learn more.

20 Oct 2022 Brian Peterson + 2

How to launch a sustainable direct-to-consumer business in no time

The Innovation and Experience Design practice at EY helped a Swiss cooperative identify a market niche and launch an entirely new business. Learn more.

28 Apr 2022 Mario Fäh

How will the metaverse change our behavior as it reshapes experiences?

The potential impacts of the metaverse on human behavior are yet unknown, but behavioral economics can help us explore the possibilities. Find out more.

How can you create a growth strategy where everyone wins?

Today’s growth-at-all-costs model is broken. It’s time to redefine growth that delivers value for everyone.

12 Apr 2022 Laurence Buchanan + 4

Metaverse: 5 questions shaping the next frontier of human experience

The convergence of physical and digital in the metaverse presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses, governments and society. Learn more.

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